Saturday, September 16, 2006

Worcester Indymedia PSA

The Worcester IMC has really come a long way since that first meeting in the Banx Room at the library a few years ago. Check out the PSA they have put together. Interested? Make something and upload it! Be the media!

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New Worcester Announce Mailing List

Sent to me by the fine folks at Participatory Culture:

Worcester Indymedia and Worcester Global Action Network joining together to
create a true announcement list for local events, projects, calls-to-action,
and community meetings of interest to progressively oriented people.

Too often we either don't hear about something, or each one of us gets 5
simultaneous e-mails about it. For a long time now, Worcester has needed an
announcement list to facilitate and support the work many of us are doing. We
need a tool that helps new faces and new participants to quickly learn what is
happening here and how they can become more active.

To subscribe to WORCESTER-ANNOUNCE, just send a reply to this email. You don't
need to add any text in your reply. You can also open up in a web browser and
enter your email address in that page. If you have any problems, email for help.

The WORCESTER-ANNOUNCE list will have several local moderators who will
facilitate use of the list. This is not a discussion list. Only announcements
of interest to local progressives will be approved for distribution, and the
number of emails sent each week be significantly limited. WE DON'T WANT 8
zillion emails either !

So that's the plan ........

Less SPAM! Less Quadruplimultiplication of the same announcement! More real
info! More ACTION! A more united and stronger progressive community in the
Worcester area.

Questions ?? -- Email

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