Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Production Facilitation Award Deadline Coming

WCCA Channel 13 has a Production Facilitation Award with an application deadline of November 16th, right around the corner. This award will grant up to one year of production assistance provided by WCCA, to help producers until they can sustain their productions independently.

All you need to be eligible is to have an original idea for a program that will do one of the following:

1. Address an unfilled community need
2. Add something new to WCCA's programming
3. Encourage others to participate and support WCCA

To be considered:

1. First, become a WCCA member. (PDF form)
2. Submit your proposal and treatment forms.
3. Attend a scheduled Producer Orientation.
4. Complete the Production Facilitation Award application (form)

Get out there and be a part of WCCA-TV 13. They are a great group of folks fighting to keep free speech on the airwaves. Being in the office is like spending time in the trenches, making community media that makes a difference.

posted by Carl Weaver at 1:31 PM


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