Monday, June 04, 2007

Maya... A love story of our time

Local Renaissance Woman Masha Wickramasinghe is working on editing what looks to be a fantastic movie. The web site is still under construction as of the time of this posting, but I can't wait to see the finished product - both the site and the movie.

Way to go, Masha!

Go check it out: Maya... A love story of our time

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Red Maple" by Nilda Ortiz

Shot in lovely Worcester, MA. This is a beautiful short piece. Check it out!

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Worcester Common Web Cam

You can get a glimpse of beautiful downtown Worcester by clicking here to City Hall's web cam on the Common. Pretty cool. In addition, looks like the Common is now a WiFi zone. Unfortunately, it's not exactly the right weather for sitting outside and typing away.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Production Facilitation Award Deadline Coming

WCCA Channel 13 has a Production Facilitation Award with an application deadline of November 16th, right around the corner. This award will grant up to one year of production assistance provided by WCCA, to help producers until they can sustain their productions independently.

All you need to be eligible is to have an original idea for a program that will do one of the following:

1. Address an unfilled community need
2. Add something new to WCCA's programming
3. Encourage others to participate and support WCCA

To be considered:

1. First, become a WCCA member. (PDF form)
2. Submit your proposal and treatment forms.
3. Attend a scheduled Producer Orientation.
4. Complete the Production Facilitation Award application (form)

Get out there and be a part of WCCA-TV 13. They are a great group of folks fighting to keep free speech on the airwaves. Being in the office is like spending time in the trenches, making community media that makes a difference.

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Worcester Diocese Videos Online

Looks like you can see the daily Mass celebrated, the Rosary and more great local programming at the Diocese of Worcester web site. I saw this linked from the WCCA-TV 13 site. Go check it out. Even if you are not Catholic or Christian in any denomination, this is worth looking at because it is a good model for how you might structure your own group's web site or video blog.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Worcester Indymedia PSA

The Worcester IMC has really come a long way since that first meeting in the Banx Room at the library a few years ago. Check out the PSA they have put together. Interested? Make something and upload it! Be the media!

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New Worcester Announce Mailing List

Sent to me by the fine folks at Participatory Culture:

Worcester Indymedia and Worcester Global Action Network joining together to
create a true announcement list for local events, projects, calls-to-action,
and community meetings of interest to progressively oriented people.

Too often we either don't hear about something, or each one of us gets 5
simultaneous e-mails about it. For a long time now, Worcester has needed an
announcement list to facilitate and support the work many of us are doing. We
need a tool that helps new faces and new participants to quickly learn what is
happening here and how they can become more active.

To subscribe to WORCESTER-ANNOUNCE, just send a reply to this email. You don't
need to add any text in your reply. You can also open up in a web browser and
enter your email address in that page. If you have any problems, email for help.

The WORCESTER-ANNOUNCE list will have several local moderators who will
facilitate use of the list. This is not a discussion list. Only announcements
of interest to local progressives will be approved for distribution, and the
number of emails sent each week be significantly limited. WE DON'T WANT 8
zillion emails either !

So that's the plan ........

Less SPAM! Less Quadruplimultiplication of the same announcement! More real
info! More ACTION! A more united and stronger progressive community in the
Worcester area.

Questions ?? -- Email

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weirdness at the Big Y

Many thanks to Worcester's own Jim O'Connell for sending this in!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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